End-to-end analytics became available in Metrica

The source – yandex.ru

End-to-end analytics allows you to link requests from the site with paid orders from CRM. Now you can configure it directly in Yandex-Metrica. This makes it easier to assess the impact of online advertising across different channels on actual sales.

Tasks solved by end-to-end analytics based on Metrica:

  • comparison of the payback of all advertising systems;
  • search for profitable and unprofitable advertising settings with detail;
  • allocation of advertising budget based on accurate ROI data.

You can connect absolutely any CRM to Metrica. In addition to the common Bitrix24 and 1C, both self-written options and site management systems like WordPress are suitable.

You can use this tool for free in the Metrica interface. There are already ready-made integrations for Direct, Market, Google Ads and Facebook, and now a connector for amoCRM will appear. As for other CRM systems, their data can be connected via API.

Working with end-to-end analytics reports

To compare the payback and effectiveness of advertising channels, Metrica has two analytical tools.

  1. The assessment method is selected in the Sources, Costs and ROI report: ROI is the return on investment ratio, and RRR is the share of advertising costs. They are equivalent to assess ROI.

Based on these indicators, you can decide which ads should be optimized, where to invest more or stop altogether.

Image 1 to news End-to-end analytics became available in Metrika

2. The "Sources of Orders" report helps to study the work of each advertising channel. This provides insight into how to increase sales.

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By comparing "Conversion to order" and "Conversion to purchase", you can understand which stage of the funnel should be worked with first. It's also worth seeing if the average bill differs depending on the channel.

It is important to exclude unpaid or test orders from the statistics. In Metrica, you can see their number for each group of orders.

To get end-to-end analytics reports, you need to connect your CRM to Metrica and set up the transfer of data on advertising costs. More on this in the Metrica blog.


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