Google Ads accounts now display a targeting shortcut to potential customers

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In Google Ads, a Signal label has started to appear in some accounts. It's in the Demographics section. This label means that campaigns have optimized targeting enabled for new leads who are likely to convert.

The system analyzes keywords on the landing page and in ad objects, and then selects audiences based on the campaign goals.

Advertisers can set additional parameters by which the system will select targeting signals for displaying ads: audience segments and keywords. But if other traffic sources prove to be more effective, the system can reduce or pause the display of ads for the given signals.

Targeting signals vary by campaign type.

  1. Display campaigns include audience segments, custom segments, customer data segments, keywords, and topics.
  1. In Discovery campaigns, audience segments with customer data and custom segments.
  1. In video campaigns for Sales, Leads, or Site Traffic, audience segments with customer data and their own segments.

Why Google recommends optimized targeting:

  • to reach audience segments that are highly likely to make conversions;
  • to attract new customers and at the same time achieve their marketing goals;
  • to find new suitable audiences for the campaign;
  • to get more conversions without increasing bids and customer acquisition costs.

Optimized targeting takes into account the current brand safety settings (for example, excluded content).


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