A new approach to personalized advertising from Facebook

The source – about.fb.com

Facebook is developing a new approach to personalized advertising. It is based on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET). There are several of these technologies.

For example, Secure multi-party computation (MPC) will allow two or more organizations to work together, limiting the information that each party can receive. At all stages of obtaining this information – transmission, storage and use – the data will be encrypted.

Last year, Facebook began testing its MPC-based Private Lift Measurement solution. The goal is for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of an ad. PLM will be available to all advertisers in 2022.

In addition, Facebook has opened the source for its Private Computation Solutions platform. Anyone in the industry can now develop MPC-based performance measurement products.

The possibilities of using "On-device learning", a technology that can improve user interaction with advertising, are being studied. The innovation is that this is done by processing data directly on his device instead of sending it to the cloud.


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