Google moderates reviews on Maps

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Google has shared the rules for reviews it has developed. 

It's important to its employees that reviews are based on real experiences and facts, and that inappropriate and abusive ones don't end up in Google Business Profiles. Published rules help moderate reviews and publish only useful and credible ones.

The first step in moderation is algorithms. They recognize patterns that help remove most fake or fraudulent content before anyone even sees it.

Algorithms look at reviews from the standpoint of content (off-topic, offensive), the integrity of the account and the reputation of the company the review is written about. If the moderation systems, which work around the clock to check the review, have not found any violations in the review, it is published within a few seconds. 

If you think a review violates a policy, Google encourages you to report it.

Reviews that violate the rules are removed, and sometimes the account from which they were published is suspended as well. In extreme cases, Google will initiate legal action.


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