Facebook Adds Business Promotion Opportunities, Story Schedules, and a New Type of Ads

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Facebook announced new tools and features to help businesses connect with their customers online and grow more efficiently.

The first thing to say is that in Business Suite, developers will launch a new option that will allow users to compose and plan stories (stories) on Facebook and Instagram.

Story planning

Планирование историй в Facebook

A new option will allow you to compose stories in the app and then schedule them to be posted to Facebook and Instagram by selecting Create Story from the homepage or by going to the Messages and Stories tab in the Business Suite app on iOS, Android or desktop. Scheduled publications will appear in your content calendar in the Business Suite app.
Facebook is offering story scheduling for the first time - in one of its other management tools, Creator Studio, you can schedule feed and video (IGTV) posts in two apps, but there was no story scheduling. This feature will allow you to better plan your overall content strategy using a single calendar tool across Facebook and Instagram.

Планирование историй в Facebook

In addition, Facebook will now also allow Business Suite users to save their Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts, adding even more scheduling flexibility to your Stories approach.
Given the popularity of storytelling, more brands are logically striving to incorporate a more mobile vertical format into their reach strategy.
The idea behind stories is that they are more natural, show real, relevant upgrades, and even make sense for brands to use them instead of creating glossier, polished promotions. And the improvement of digital tools has made them more professional in any case. Thus, story planning now seems to be more profitable for marketers.

Recommended pages

Also, Facebook wants to add a new element through the appropriate page recommendations below the posts in the news feed.

Рекомендации ленты Facebook

As shown, the new option will highlight related content from Facebook pages below posts when users take the time to check (or hover over) certain updates in their feed. This will allow people to navigate to a dedicated channel list with images from those pages that may be similar to their interests.

Thematic recommendations in the news feed

Facebook has been trying to incorporate topical recommendations into its news feed for years. This new approach focuses on starting a business and, in that regard, has more to do with Facebook's wider adoption of e-commerce through stores and other tools.
Facebook says the new recommendations will appear in feed posts about topics such as beauty, fitness and apparel, as well as restaurants, allowing users to view content from related companies.
At this stage, the recommendations are tested on a small group of users. In addition to this, Facebook is also offering several new ad options, including:

  1. New goal "Conversion Leads" for leads. It will allow advertisers to optimize the search for leads who are most likely to convert, not just volume. This can make ads to potential customers more functionally valuable, rather than reach-oriented.
  2. The ability to convert lead ad forms to Messenger templates to track them.
  3. New call-to-action ads that will allow advertisers to display a call-to-action button in their ads.

Facebook Call Ads

These valuable additions will come in handy for many brands. They will definitely help you plan better – and there will no doubt be a new wave of users moving to the Business Suite to benefit from the new Stories scheduling capabilities.


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