Google Shopping: Contextual advertising case – online auto parts store

The project was worked on:

Vasily Voloshin, Author of Immodest Marketer channel 

Service: contextual advertising setup 

Region: Ukraine

Project: Internet-store of auto parts

The customer’s task: to increase sales


The project was recommended by another contextual advertising specialist. It came to work from scratch. 

What was done: 

  1. Developed ToR for programmers, on some pages added conversion analytics codes, transaction tracking, and the like. 
  2. The site was finalized in accordance with the Merchant center rules. 
  3. Product names and descriptions have been optimized, as well as errors and recommendations for the Google Merchant Center have been eliminated.

Advertising is done only through Google Shopping, i.e. other traffic channels do not take part in the project’s overall result. 

Thus, two advertising campaigns were run on this project. First, a simple shopping campaign, and when it “broke” the account, a smart shopping campaign was included. In the section of each company, you can see the result by selecting the desired ones and clicking “Show on the chart”.

In the beginning, only the simple trading company worked: it gave a return on investment of 1700%. Then the smart trading company started to work, and the smart trading company sagged a bit in profitability. 

Next, we see that the smart and simple trading companies work great. One is 3000% profitable, the other is 2000% profitable, in June and July there was a slump in revenue, also the profitability dropped. 

But in September and October, indicators have returned to a good level, show normal profitability and income. 

Results for the last month of the project

Data for October:

Expenditure: 7,759.82 UAH.

Price per click: 0.94 UAH.

Orders: 53

Income: 104,080.18 UAH.

Screenshot of income campaign

+ 80 calls

Screenshot Calls

November started with a good profitability, more than 5 000%

The total traffic of this project: click on All traffic – Sources – Channel and you can see that the other channels of traffic are almost not involved in attracting visitors. 

Results by channel:

  • the main share of traffic is Google CPC; 
  • next comes Direct; 
  • then Google Organic; 
  • and after that, tagged traffic from Google Merchant Center. This is the same free Google traffic, but it doesn’t come from Google Organic, it comes from Google shopping. 

If those products are added to Merchant Center and it’s moderated, you can get free traffic from Google Merchant Center. 

So we can see that there were 741 users from Merchant Center free traffic and there were 8 purchases of 14 thousand UAH. Those users came for free and made a purchase. Such results can be achieved by using Google Shopping.

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