Google Product Expert Program

Each of us feels good when we have someone to answer a sudden question. Of course, one’s own experience is good to remember, but sometimes it takes a long and painstakingly hard work: taking prompt advice from the old-timers is great luck.
Specialists who already have possible solutions to problems ready can be considered experts in a particular area. They can also be found on Google forums in cases where ordinary users need help. These people are called google experts. They give free advice to others, willingly sharing their knowledge.

Three stages to participate

Fig. 1 – Stages from signing up to receiving bonuses

They get points for answering the help forums if they help people solve their problems.

1. How to become a Google Product Expert

Individuals who have been active for a month or more can become a Google Expert. If their level of knowledge meets the title of expert, they will receive an email from the manager inviting them to participate in the program.

In addition a Product Expert must:

  • be willing to take the time to help others;
  • love and understand Google products;
  • be willing to share their knowledge and skills.

Experts can be helped in their volunteer work by being able to express in a concise manner only the information that is needed in a specific case, so that the user does not have to look all through the Help for a long time. It is worth bearing in mind that, like everywhere else, there are different users. Since Google experts are also people who have decided to spend some of their time and effort for the cause, it is better to stay within the bounds of adequacy and have patience. Correct, optimistic communication, as accepted in America and Europe, is the key to long-lasting participation in the program.
Can ordinary users do without expert advice? Of course. But if such a user wants an answer directly from an authorized person, i.e. a Google employee, he will have to wait for more than a month. First he will get to the managers of the program – these are hired employees of the affiliated company, and only those will pass the question on, after it passes moderation. You can wait endlessly for official answers from Google.

2. “Perks” and bonuses – are they in the Expert Advisor Program

It is not only the feeling that you are useful to people and a badge with the status that make experts happy. Before the pandemic, those of them who had achieved gold status could go to Product Experts Summit, which was held in Europe for 4 days. In this case, the flight, accommodation, and meals were paid. The request for a visa was sent to a specialist from Google.
As for the recent years, in 2020 and 2021 there were online summits. For example, you can read more about one that touched on the topics of YouTube, Education and Google Ads in this article.
There is also the Local Experts program, where local summits were held for active participants. With the advent of the online age, the summits have been in doubt, but let’s not lose optimism.
A nice bonus for experts can be their page in the directory, which lists many professionals who are open to communication. They understand more than 50 products and speak 20 languages.

Profile of the author of the article in the expert directory

Fig. 2 – This is what the profile of an expert in the directory looks like

In addition, the Google Ads forum is a Thursday Tipsday section, where Googlers share useful tips and case studies every Thursday. A team of like-minded people who are doing what you’re doing is a great engine going forward.

3. Google Product Experts Statuses

The Product Experts program provides several expert statuses for those professionals who have been actively participating in forum discussions for some time.

  1. Bronze Expert status is awarded for 10 or more answers. Some answers must be recommended by other users as useful.
  2. For 30 or more answers, some of them are recommended, the status of silver expert is given. This is the status that opens the opportunity for participants to participate in the google expert program. It is granted starting from one month of active help and up to six months, at the discretion of the manager. Answering users’ questions will be a little easier with the help of Google forum console, this is a special admin panel.
  3. If the activity of the specialist after six months has not decreased and the answers are still recommended to other forum participants, he will be granted the status of a gold expert. At this stage you will need to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement.
  4. Six months after receiving “gold” the active participant, whose answers are still useful and relevant, can be assigned the status of platinum expert.
  5. Diamond status will be given to old-timers of Google forums who continue to support and help users with quality answers to questions. They need to have been in the program for more than three years and advise no worse than Google Help. This level was added in 2020. Experts receive a written commendation on a form with the Program Expert logo.

4. A step-by-step outline for those who want to join

How to join Google’s product experts program and start advising users:

  1. Open and select “Sign Up.”
  2. Sign into your Google account, select the products you know about.
  3. Set up the languages you will be able to help users.
  4. Agree to the Product Experts Terms and Conditions and click “Accept”.
  5. Click on “All Forums” under “My Forums”, select a forum you are interested in and click on the “Community” tab. It is located in the upper left corner of the page. It will open the necessary reference forum.
Registering for the Product Experts program

Fig. 3 – The registration button on the main page

The program promises to keep experts up to date on news, attend online Google product meetings, access proprietary information, and even communicate directly with Google employees. I wish I could get all that – more interesting training, access to products and beta testing, and productive communication with employees. But in any case, Product Expert status is just another stepping stone to development, allowing you to test your capabilities and pump up your skills.

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