The best books about internet marketing

There are so many different sources of information these days-sites, telegram feeds, seminars, podcasts, blogs-that it’s easy for a newbie in Internet marketing to get lost in the search for the right knowledge. Over time, everyone develops their own base of sources of news about the world of digital, choosing among them a few most convenient and reliable. But the most structured information is still provided by books.

The very specifics of a consistent presentation of the information, in contrast to fragmentary information in individual articles and even more so on channels, helps the reader to understand from simple to complex. In addition, books help to get involved in someone else’s experience, because learning only from your own experience is not only time-consuming, but also financially expensive.

The selection of books in this article is subjective, but surely most of them deserve to be considered a useful source of information. Internet marketing covers many different areas, so there are books both for those taking their first steps and for professionals with experience.

1. Books on Internet marketing in general

1. Phil Barden’s “Hacking Marketing”

Phil Barden's "Hacking Marketing"

We’ve all had times when we’ve succumbed to impulse and bought something, seemingly completely inexplicable. Now, there are certain patterns that can be used for successful marketing efforts. This book explains the actions of buyers with examples in easy-to-understand language, while refuting many stereotypes with the help of neurobiology. 

It is suitable not only for newcomers to the industry, but also for more experienced professionals.

It is about a marketing model closely related to the psychology of choice.

The information in the book is based on the research of Daniel Kahneman, he is a Nobel Prize winner and the founder of behavioral economics.

2. Anton Voronyuk, Alexander Polishchuk “Actual internet marketing”

Anton Voronyuk, Alexander Polishchuk "Actual internet marketing”

This book is good because its author takes a very detailed look at the current tools of marketers and explains how to use them effectively in business intelligence.

All the information in the book is gathered into an express course on marketing techniques and is aimed at:

  • increasing sales;
  • attracting customers;
  • increasing conversions.

Absolute beginners may find it a bit difficult to grasp, but it never hurts to tighten your knowledge and figure out what is SEO, meta tags, Google Analytics. Rather, the book will be useful to those aspiring entrepreneurs who have already started trying to attract the target audience to their site, but have run into difficulties. It will give readers an understanding of the basics of marketing and working with content.

The book contains a case where the author shows by his own example – the tools he proposes work.

3. Philip Kotler, Hermawan Cartagia, Ivan Setiawan “Marketing 4.0. The U-turn from traditional to digital: technologies of promotion on the Internet”

Philip Kotler, Hermawan Cartagia, Ivan Setiawan "Marketing 4.0. The U-turn from traditional to digital: technologies of promotion on the Internet"

What is this book about? About the impact of Internet technology on customer communications. Business is becoming more and more transparent, and the consumer is becoming more and more selective. It is the personalization of products and services that allows you to choose, and the ability to connect all the possible promotion channels will allow you to be ahead of most competitors. This book is about how to organize competent networking.

The book will be useful for beginners Internet marketers.  

4. Evgeniya Kryukova, Denis Saveliev “100+ Hacks for Internet Marketing” 

Evgeniya Kryukova, Denis Saveliev “100+ Hacks for Internet Marketing” 

The peculiarity of this book is the absence of monotonous theory. Every tool or advice contains instructions on how to implement what you have read in practice, checklists and ways to achieve results. Here are specific recommendations in such subfields of Internet marketing as email marketing, SMM, SEO-promotion.

For example:

  • ways to promote for free on social media;
  • creation of viral content;
  • techniques for increasing the sites in the search;
  • services for organizing mailing lists.

The book contains many screenshots and images. The presence of successful cases demonstrates the effectiveness of what is discussed in the text, and the analysis of errors allows you to learn from others’ experiences.

2. Literature for SEO specialists

  1. Irina Shamina and Anastasia Nosachenko “Total SEO. The Complete Practical Guide to Promoting Websites” 
Irina Shamina and Anastasia Nosachenko “Total SEO. The Complete Practical Guide to Promoting Websites” 

Presented set in two volumes can be called an encyclopedia. It contains a lot of information about SEO-promotion, working with texts and content management.

The issues that the two-volume set covers are:

  • ranking factors – internal and external;
  • gathering analytics;
  • channels for attracting traffic;
  • semantic core;
  • online reputation – how to create the right one;
  • budget planning.

2. Stephan Spencer, Eric Ange, Rand Fishkin, Jesse Strickciola “SEO – The Art of Website Promotion” for Beginners”

Stephan Spencer, Eric Ange, Rand Fishkin, Jesse Strickciola "SEO – The Art of Website Promotion" for Beginners"

The very fact that the book contains more than 800 pages allows it to be recognized as a global textbook on optimizing web resources. It will interest not only the beginner in this field, who is learning to understand the basics of promotion, but also the practitioner. The material offers to study such aspects:

  • tactics and methods of ranking;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of promotion strategies;
  • SEO content creation;
  • Google algorithms;
  • building a team of effective SEO specialists.

It’s hard to say whether the authors’ predictions about those optimization tools that are presented as a perspective on SEO will come true, but the book is definitely useful and contains comprehensive information.

3. Books on web analytics

1. Brad Gedds “Google AdWords. An Exhaustive Guide”

Brad Gedds "Google AdWords. An Exhaustive Guide"

This particular book is considered one of the two most popular books on Google Ads worldwide. And even though this advertising service has been renamed since July 2018, the detailed guide itself remains generally relevant.

A beginner would be better off starting with the history of Google Ads, keyword research, the psychology of online search and the principles of ad composition, while a practicing SEO will glean a wealth of information on targeting, mobile advertising, video ads and remarketing.

Over six hundred pages of useful text!

2. Perry Marshall, Brian Todd “Contextual Advertising That Works. The Google AdWords Bible”

Perry Marshall, Brian Todd "Contextual Advertising That Works. The Google AdWords Bible"

Responsibly building an advertising campaign is the key to success. This book will tell you about the many nuances of planning: how to choose the right keywords, which ad will be effective, which tools will help in this, and how to increase click conversion. 

Suitable for ambitious marketers who want to catch up with the lack of practice in a short period of time and “constantly be ahead of the competition in Google AdWords” (one of the chapters is entitled as such). Work with the settings of the service is supplemented by screenshots, so the information is clear and easy to understand.

I would like to emphasize that the material is mainly about small and medium-sized businesses, which will be useful for an average entrepreneur.

3. Avinash Kosik “Web-analytics 2.0 in practice”

Avinash Kosik “Web-analytics 2.0 in practice”

The book ranks among the best on analytics, despite the fact that it is as much as 10 years old. It is easy to read and the material is clearly explained, there are many examples of metrics, data collection cases.

The author tells how to effectively influence conversion rates, build strategies and analyze the flow of clicks. This book is about solving problems from different angles, testing the available information about the website’s behavioral factors and reacting quickly to technologies that are developing at a rapid pace. It can become not only a desk textbook, but also a motivator for growth in the profession.  

4. Literature on SMM

1. Olga Filina “Facebook Effect for Business and Self-Peer”

Olga Filina "Facebook Effect for Business and Self-Peer"

Everyone who likes to use Facebook, this book will hit the spot! The author is an expert on promotion in the social networks Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.  

Before you – practically a step-by-step guide to promotion in this social network. It is put together in a convenient training format, where at the end of each part the reader is waiting for a block with a task. These blocks are also designed for three levels of training – the beginner, the average specialist and the advanced user.

The book will be useful in developing your business on Facebook and will broaden your horizons.

2. Konstantin Rudov, Vasily Krylov “SMM handbook”

Konstantin Rudov, Vasily Krylov “SMM handbook”

The authors of this guidebook are employees of SMMPlanner, a well-known autoposting service. The book is very useful for beginners, explains aspects of promotion in social networks and covers the following points:

  • skills needed by an SMM professional;
  • the use of influencer marketing;
  • how to create in-demand content and how to have a dialogue with the audience;
  • tools and analytics, and targeting advertising.

5. Books on content creation

1. Maxim Ilyakhov “Clear, understandable. How to get your message across and convince people with words”

Maxim Ilyakhov "Clear, understandable. How to get your message across and convince people with words"

The book by Maxim Ilyakhov, editor, linguist and author of Glavred, tells how to work with your target audience, how to understand what content is interesting for them. Using concrete and detailed examples, she explains common mistakes made by authors and offers two options for texts: correct and incorrect wording.

The comparison of the two variants is very clear, so it is easy to understand how to build a communication so that it will be effective. The material will be useful to anyone who wants to learn the current tricks of the text and understand how to write about and for readers to get a response.

What the author of the book focuses on:

  • context (the topic of reader bias is covered);
  • interest (how to captivate with the text);
  • text (slogans, analogies, metaphors, examples and anti-examples);
  • pitch (content design).

2. Lee Odden “Selling Content”

Lee Odden "Selling Content"

The goal of the book is to use social networks as effectively as possible. Creating texts, photos, videos for them can be considered an art, which actively helps in the promotion of goods and services.

Here you will find examples of various types of content that achieve the goals depending on the one set by the strategy. We will also talk about the SEO audit, as well as other features of working with the material that fills a web resource.

3.  Robert Rose, Joe Pulizzi “Managing Content Marketing”

Robert Rose, Joe Pulizzi "Managing Content Marketing"

The person who works with content and fills a website with material is very important to be able to think strategically. So the skill of thinking through the quantity, quality and pitch of articles is important to achieving business goals, and this book will be a reliable guide, a kind of content marketing guide.

It also tells you:

  • the choice of channels through which content is distributed;
  • the organization of the processes and prospects for implementing the strategy;
  • the metrics by which results are measured.

4. Denis Kaplunov “Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll”

Denis Kaplunov "Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll"

Content that grabs our attention and prompts conversions – that’s what’s valuable today. How to create it is taught in his book by copywriter, entrepreneur and advertising expert Denis Kaplunov. It will inspire the authors with bright examples and successful cases. The style is memorable and lively.

What content managers and copywriters will learn:

  • the formats and types of content that are trending: news, blog posts and articles, images and photos, podcasts and videos, email newsletters;
  • how to attract a loyal audience and how to publish content “tasty”;
  • techniques and tricks that work effectively when interacting with an audience.

May be useful to anyone who is interested in marketing and wants to promote business, but does not need a step-by-step explanation of the basics and encyclopedic format. This is more of an “art marketing”.

5. Natalia Kovrigina “The Weekdays of a Copywriter”

Natalia Kovrigina "The Weekdays of a Copywriter"

This guide for authors does not contain theory as much as it teaches how to solve related issues, without working through which there is no way to promote yourself in Internet marketing. In his book, the creator of the Copywriter Project shares with practicing copywriters:

  1. Methods on how to assert yourself and create a personal brand.
  2. Lifehacks for honing workflows and time management for copywriters.
  3. Insights on how to find your own values and meanings in your professional field.

Checklists and algorithms, cases and applications are all in the book. Among the topics touched on are not only the style of presentation, but also the fakaps of authors, money, and the complexities of building a career strategy.

Of course, there are so many more books on Internet marketing that are worth checking out. It’s worth writing a second article about them :), but even the list of literature above will greatly enrich your professional life. It remains to read each of these books and put the useful tips into practice.

Good luck in your study of Internet marketing!

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