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Link building is a narrow area of ​​SEO based on building a website’s link mass. In other words, this is a way to promote a site by obtaining many links to it on other resources. It appeared after the creation of Google in 1998 and the introduction of Page Rank based on the transfer of link power. Thus, the profession of link builder has become a separate one with the development of Internet marketing, when it became necessary to separate and delegate SEO responsibilities.

So, a link builder is a specialist in creating a high-quality link profile of sites, that is, in external optimization, which involves an increase in the number of external links. They lead to the site, increasing its authority and influencing the ranking along with the presence of quality content. You want to reach the TOP for queries as quickly as possible, and building the link mass of a web resource greatly contributes to this.

1. Link builder priorities and responsibilities

A good link builder takes on a significant part of the SEO job that involves building link mass. So, among his duties, you can list the following:

  • drawing up an initial link building strategy;
  • search for partner sites for link exchange and advertising platforms;
  • determining the reliability of sites and sites suitable for donor sites for projects;
  • registration of accounts on link exchanges, thematic forums, catalogs, services with independent reviews. Their conduct;
  • agreeing on the conditions for placing links;
  • control of the availability of placement of backlinks and the general correctness of the materials in which the links are indicated;
  • reporting, analysis of the effectiveness of the work done.

Link building is sometimes confused with bulk link buying. This is not to say that the method of buying link mass is not recognized at all, but the key is that every link received must be carefully checked. It is important for a link builder not only to get a lot of backlinks, but also to influence their quality. After all, backlinks received from spammed sites will certainly lead to sanctions by search engines, and this is the last thing that owners of online resources want. The process of growing backlinks should be gradual and consistent, otherwise search engines will be wary. Smooth link building will not arouse their suspicions.

The most important parameters of the quality of the link mass include:

  1. Authority of resources.
  2. Their thematic similarity with the donor site.
  3. The naturalness of the link mass, i.e. the correctness of the content environment.

The link should organically fit into the text, overlap with images or videos, and not cause dissonance.

2. Link building and strategy for success

Initially, a specialist needs to draw up a link building strategy, which in the long term can “shoot” and become promising. And even if there are no universal algorithms that guarantee promotion using links, the more features should be provided.

Here are the key steps in the strategy:

  • determination of the types of links that are needed now (eternal, rental, crowd, from social networks, etc.);
  • search for donor sites;
  • selection of site landing pages;
  • formation of the schedule and frequency of placement;
  • direct placement of backlinks;
  • if necessary – calculation of the purchase budget
  • analysis of the effectiveness of links already available.

In any case, to place links, you need to find the appropriate sites. An experienced link builder will determine if the site is spammed or under sanctions, which will save it from unwanted links in the future. So, for this, they look at the basic indicators of the quality of sites: the date of the last publications, attendance (percentage of visits from the search), usability. It is necessary to trace whether it is planned to place material with a link on subdomains, since they have lower authority.

Examples of where to look for quality sites:

  • news feed of the site (if we are talking about interesting news and a link in it);
  • thematic forums: at first, links can be placed in signatures, and then in the corresponding topic, disclosed on their own;
  • social networks – today this is the most profitable option, links from there are recognized by all search engines;
  • blog with quality articles;
  • sites where people leave real reviews (there is moderation);
  • own YouTube channel;
  • resources on which educational materials are located in the public domain;
  • paid platforms on which transactions are concluded between donor sites and acceptors.

Also, building a high-quality link mass implies constant monitoring, covering several indicators:

  • subject matter and authority of donor sites;
  • checking link placement;
  • indexing new backlinks;
  • tracking broken and lost links.

Actually, it is the analysis of the effectiveness of placing backlinks and tracking the dynamics of site positions that can give the link builder an understanding of how effective his work is.

3. What will help you become a pro link builder

In order to become a link builder, a beginner specialist will need such knowledge and skills, as well as character traits:

  1. General understanding of SEO terms. Without it, mindGeneral understanding of SEO terms. Without this, of course, nowhere.
  2. Ability to interact with site owners, promotion specialists, webmasters, etc. Correspondence skills, the ability to politely persuade.
  3. If you need to work for the Western market, you must have at least an average knowledge of English.
  4. Owning reporting software will make life easier.
  5. Analyst’s ability, ability to build a strategy and think for the future.
  6. Meticulousness in relation to details, scrupulousness. Patience and perseverance.

4. Benefits, disadvantages, job prospects

As in any field, there are features that will either motivate the link builder or require additional effort from him.

So, the benefits of link building:

  1. Copes with natural link building.
  2. Definitely, the activity gives a long-term, reliable effect – site traffic increases and remains in the top for a long time. This cannot be said, for example, about contextual advertising.
  3. Doesn’t require huge budget expenditures – unless the strategy provides for bulk purchase of links.
  4. Link builder can work remotely.

Disadvantages of work:

  1. Time-consuming. Not only on the direct placement of links on condition of “manual” link building, but also on the fact that the links give the expected effect in the search.
  2. Performs poorly in highly competitive niches. Here, the link builder will also need creative thinking in order to distinguish the site from many similar ones and increase the link mass.
  3. During the work, care is needed – after all, if the links end up on a resource with a bad reputation, then later you will have to make a lot of efforts and resources in order to correct the situation.

Today a link builder is a demanded employee who has the prospect of retraining into a more advanced specialist in the field of Internet promotion. For example, over time, he may become a SEO or develop in management. One way or another, the sphere of creating a link profile will be an effective tool for achieving the set goals for a long time to come and can change along with the algorithms of search engines.

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