Instalanding: stylishly about your brand

Leafing through Instagram profiles, we’ve all encountered instalanding. This is an advertising puzzle profile of a company describing the benefits of contacting it specifically and a unique selling proposition.
Whereas a regular landing page is a landing page for gathering contacts of potential buyers, a miniature copy of a one-page social network is its stylish version, where individual posts look like clickable elements of a landing page.
Modern instalanding is designed as a group of 6, 9 or 12 equal squares in a single style. Initially it looked like a single image, cut into equal sized parts.

Instalanding Instagram

Fig. 1 – Instalanding in its original design (an example of @pandora)

However, this style of format is not relevant for several years. In addition to the fact that you need to upload all the posts at once, making a huge whole picture, when you scroll down, you can immediately see how “blurred” the rest of the tape.

Instalanding failed

Fig. 2 – Instalanding with broken harmony (an example of @santogarde)

It is also worth noting that even if in a single grid of Instagram account posts such pieces of the mosaic look like pieces of the whole, each individual post in the feed will seem strange to users and will not always attract attention.
Current trends show that the feed gravitates toward an infinite length of feed. It’s updated by adding additional block posts with the information that’s relevant at the moment. However, this trend in 2021 can no longer be called trendy.

1. What is the use of instalanding for business?

Instalanding as an advertising unit can gather in one place all the information which the user needs:

  • information about the company;
  • The range offered by the brand;
  • all the contacts that can be contacted;
  • the cost of goods or services;
  • call to action in the header of the profile.

By successfully combining all the most necessary information for the buyer in one place, you will get a structured page that presents your company. Each square must answer a specific question. The user will be interested in your offer and perform the target action you need – write to direct, make an order, sign up for a visit, etc.

Instalanding. Company Profile

Fig. 3 – An example of a client-oriented profile of a training center (from the web)

And even lengthening the feed over time, you will be sure that useful and relevant information is always visible in the profile.

Instalanding format will be optimal for promotion in the following cases:

  1. If there is no website at all.
  2. To attract people to the site from social networks.
  3. If the range of goods or services is limited to 4-5 positions.
  4. When you announce an upcoming event.
Instalanding, beauty salon

Fig. 4 – An example of a beauty salon

2. Advantages and ways to create a feed on Instagram

Instalanding has many advantages:

  • ease and affordability of placement: creating a website, even a one-page site is expensive and troublesome, and registration in Insta is free, it is a great source of traffic on a minimal budget;
  • For different proposals, you can create different style style page, and send traffic between them. And you can, on the contrary, to change the page on the same account;
  • to the advertiser’s site comes prepared audience, because the landing already gives answers to questions of potential customers;
  • quality option does not require constant revision;
  • the same Facebook Ads are loyal to such advertising, and the conversion rate is higher than that of a conventional account.

Thus, it is a convenient and aesthetic way to draw attention to a brand, a product or service.

Among the disadvantages can be called only investment in the work of the designer, if you want to have a quality profile at once. But if you work on it yourself with the help of programs, then this disadvantage is leveled.

Instalanding can be divided into a square and long layout.

A square consists of nine posts, forming a 3×3 landing page. The pages often have only the headlines or a key phrase, and the basic information can be learned by going to the description of the posts. It is important to select these key phrases so that they hooked users and they went to read the posts themselves. But as a rule, in this case, the audience is attracted by targeting ads or redirected to another account.

Instalanding page, designer Olga Zheleznyak

Fig. 5 – An example of a designer @z.h.e.l.e.z.n.y.a.k landing page

A long instagram can consist of more posts. Accordingly, more information will fit on it – all the following posts complement the previous ones. Constant posting will bring organic coverage. The only aspect – you should not upload more than 15 posts per day, in order not to get under lockdown.

Landing page of the club of businesswomen

Fig. 6 – An example of the banding of the club of girls-entrepreneurs

Separately, it is worth mentioning such a type of instalanding, as a commodity. In this case, all posts demonstrate products. It is important to keep a unified style of images and specify in the product descriptions all the characteristics and prices of the products. The header of the profile contains:

  • a succinct description of what the profile owner does;
  • a unique selling proposition;
  • call to action;
  • contact information.

Merchandise instalandings also have a chance to receive organic coverage due to frequent product updates.

Floral studio landing page

Fig. 7 – An example of a product page in a single concept @green_art_kiev

It remains to think about the design of instalending for a particular business.

3. Unique instalandering design

The insta-trends for 2021 are thought-out visuals in a single style for all posts, natural photos, Stories Highlights not disappearing in the feed after 24 hours, vertical photos and videos, more text in the posts. All of this is worth considering when designing a feed.

Thoughtful visual in the same style for all posts

Fig. 8 – An example of trends in 2021 @svetocopycom

In fact, the band starts not even with the posts, and with a cap, which should tell what product or service you offer, set out the benefits of contacting you and offer to place an order (For example, “Design project of an apartment in a week. It’s free if you do it with us! Order here….”). We wrote more about the Instagram account as a landing page in this material.

Here is an example of an outdated style of instalanding, but with a reference to the profile:

Instalanding with a link to the profile

Fig. 9 – Instalanding @test_na_3000

Publish photos of your products or services in your instalandings, describe them, show selections, share testimonials from grateful customers. Include prices in the description of the post so that the user doesn’t have to guess or spend time writing it off in Direct.
You can find the background for instalandings on free photostocks, and then add text to it. Although, if you have the necessary skills, you can create a layout yourself. Even if there is no need to cut the images into squares, nevertheless, a unified style requires the design of posts.

Among the services that can help in this are useful:

  • Photoshop;
  • Canva;
  • Publer;
  • Freepik.

Otherwise, simple rules will help make sure that the installation has a successful conversion:

  1. Avoid too much information. The less the user scrolls through the ribbon, the more effective the landing page will be. The names of products or services, promotional terms and conditions should be short and precise. In the descriptions to go to, be sure to specify their benefits, albeit capaciously.
Instalanding minimalism

Fig. 10 – An example of instalanding 

  1. A call to action, designed without intrusiveness will help customers make the right decision, and the warranty on the product will help them cope with doubts.
  2. Since there is no form of feedback as such, except for the Contact Us button, and not everyone specifies the information in Direct, it is important to leave a maximum of opportunities to contact you on a business page.
  3. The colors you used for the design of the profile should be combined with each other and not be close to each other in the color palette. It is good to have a “cohesive” background.
Landing page combined with a background

Fig. 11 – An example of @svetocopycom linking by background

So, instagramming as a concept, although it has changed a lot in recent years, continues to be an effective tool for attracting users’ attention! To do this, you need to check whether your option contains:

  • normal usability;
  • a call to action;
  • favorable conditions for ordering goods or services.

Ask yourself the question,

  • whether the images of posts reflect your products and services – the differences between them, the peculiarities of application;
  • is the stylistic design of the banding pleasing to the eye.

By going through these questions like a checklist, you’ll see if you’ve created a solid landing page to drive traffic and if your brand looks stylish from the outside. Instagramming in 2021 works great for events and landing pages for collaborations! Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine already traditional solutions with new ideas.

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