Why there are no conversions in Instagram

Any advertiser who runs ads in social networks wants quick and clear results: it’s not enough to set it up, it’s important to get conversions with it. But it often happens that the clicks on the targeted ads, for example, in the social network, a lot, but the number of sales is still not growing. What if there are clicks, but no sales in Instagram?

The simplest scheme by which social network users interact with ads while viewing the feed looks like this:

  • advertisement post;
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Advertising post

Fig. 1 – Example of a promotional post advertisement post;

  • go to the store (site or social networking site);
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Go to site

Fig. 2 – Switching to the site after a click

  • ideally, the purchase of a product or order of a service.

The above chain of action is simple enough, but any of its links can break, often at the last stage. In this case, it is worth figuring out why the scheme does not work, i.e. there are clicks – no orders. Targeted advertising generates the primary interest of Instagram users, but it surely can not provide sales. To make it pay for itself, let’s analyze all the possible reasons for the lack of orders.

1. Possible reasons for lack of orders

Before you change ad campaign settings, you need to make sure that:

  • the product/service is displayed according to target requests – that is, the product offered satisfies a specific user need;
  • The terms and conditions offered by you are comparable to those of your competitors;
  • there are no problems with the relevance of the product/service and the way to buy or order it;
  • the application form on the website works correctly;
  • the landing page is thematic, modern, has a clear and pleasant to the eye interface;
  • the social network account is designed correctly and clearly – getting there, the user can immediately orientate himself in the assortment;
  • the target audience of the product/service is chosen correctly;
  • the mobile version of the web resource is no less convenient to use than the desktop version. 

It would seem that these are obvious reasons for the absence of orders, but it is worth considering them in more detail, based on the peculiarities of Instagram.

2. Problems with advertising promise and competitiveness

First of all, you need to make sure that there are no problems with the perception of the ad: 

  • his text is written concisely, clearly and competently; 
  • it attracts attention, motivates the visitor to read the offer and go to the landing page by clicking on the ad; 
  • the offer must be relevant and contain attractive terms and conditions, thereby convincing the visitor to leave a landing page request to buy a product or order a service. 

If your product belongs to the luxury category, it is less likely to be bought spontaneously, and therefore generally has a longer decision-making cycle. This is not a case where you can play on a momentary benefit (“Hurry up, only 65% off today!”). For example, this is where SEO promotion comes in handy, with a social selling strategy that uses expert content to attract leads.

In addition, it is important to “look around” at what is happening in the market for your product/service. Before launching targeted advertising, you should conduct a preliminary analysis of your competitors. Having drawn conclusions about what works in favor of your selling proposition and what works against it, make adjustments if necessary:

  • information specified in the profile header;
  • written texts of product descriptions and informational posts;
  • the quality of images;
  • pricing policy.

Read customer reviews of the industry’s top competitors and check the promptness with which experts respond to product inquiries.

3. Problems with ordering

Simplify the customer’s path to purchase by saving him from unnecessary actions. If after viewing an attractive ad on Instagram he can’t click and go straight to the product he’s interested in to place an order, the conversion won’t happen. He should also not be expected to click on the site when he clicks through: 

  • mandatory registration;
  • a lot of mandatory fields to fill out;
  • incomprehensible location of the cart.
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Example of a long registration

Fig. 3 – Registration, which you can get tired of even before the purchase

If there is nothing wrong with the promotional offer of the product, then you need to make sure that your site is potentially ready to receive traffic and works correctly.

4. Problems with the landing page

The second intermediate stage of users in the sales funnel will be the landing page (PS) to which they click from your ads on social networks. The purpose of a well-crafted ad familiarizing the visitor with the offer and his click on the landing page. And this page should interest the user, close his objections and encourage him to buy.

The landing page is considered what the company already has of these three options:

  1. Official website (needs a large business).
  2. Social network account (store).
  3. Messenger.

How do you know which option is right for you?

The site will become an optimal COP if:

  • it loads quickly – it’s important to respect visitors’ time;
  • you have no minimum order limit and the cost of delivery is not up to 50% of the cost of the order itself. It is logical that many users do not like the extra cost;
  • items are easy to find, and ordering fields for checkout are only the most necessary.

The requirements for the site are high, since it is the site that converts, and the decision to buy is made directly on it, while targeted advertising only attracts interest and entices. The catalog of goods must be clear and convenient, with subsections and filters.

Instagram can also serve as a landing page. To do this, the promotional posts and storis of the account must meet the following requirements:

  • attract appearance, design, evoke pleasant visual feelings;
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Landing page

Fig. 4 – Profile of a flower store

  • contain useful content;
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Useful content

Fig. 5 – Example of useful content: myths about hair

  • to answer exhaustively any questions users may have.
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Schedule

Fig. 6 – The work schedule of the construction base in the Instagram account

So immediately it becomes clear what product is purchased: what it looks like, what benefits it has, what its price is and whether there are discount offers, from the range of which you can choose if you want. 

In addition, pay attention to the first impression: when filling out the profile the header that “greets” the user is important. It should contain data on the seller of goods or services, location, delivery methods, and motivate the user to buy from him. It is important to clearly describe what you do for the benefit of the buyer. It is desirable to make the profile design in a single color scheme, take close-up photos of the product in different angles, set up all the buttons. The number of publications should fully reflect the available assortment.

Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Profile header

Fig. 7 – An example of a proper profile header

If you create a store in Instagram – in its design takes into account all the same things that are important for the promotion of the site: 

  1. Structure – any product is easy to find, the availability of product models or the ability to order them is clear. Obviously, the more quality photos, detailed descriptions and characteristics, the easier it is to sell the product.
  2. Stylish design – Instagram is designed to please the eye, so the beauty of the advertising platform becomes an additional aesthetic factor to choose it for conversion. Advertising creatives from other companies in your industry can be viewed using the Facebook Advertising Library.
  3. Visibility. Lack of prices under posts and quality images will drive visitors away. It’s good if the latest posts showcase the product you’re promoting in the ad.
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. No price

Fig. 8 – Example of the absence of the price and the answer to the question about it

The profile posts themselves can also be used to promote your services, if the post shows good organic metrics: likes, reposts, profile conversions and saves. To find out for sure, you need to look at the statistics of the posts in terms of reach, saves, profile conversions and determine which one is more profitable for advertising.

Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Post stats

Fig. 9 – Post stats

Storis are relevant in Instagram today. Sometimes they sell even better than posts, since every day you can use them to create a new advertising offer and update your funnel within your account. When you view them, an ad can be shown, and when you click on the button Read more/go to site/instore, it will take you to the site, profile, or Instagram Direct. 

Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Advertising in stories

Fig. 10 – Successful advertising in Stopis (product and price are visible)

Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Failed advertising

Fig. 11 – Unsuccessful advertising in the posts (not quite clear what action is expected of the user)

How to retain an interested user with targeting:

  • demonstrate photo or video reviews of the product from various angles;
  • show testimonials from grateful customers who have already used the product in practice;
  • answer the question about price;
  • show a map, a picture of the front of the facility, or give other directions on how to get there if needed.

5. Problems with targeting settings

When analyzed and eliminated the difficulties of advertising, checkout, set up a landing page and checked all the details from the interface to the creatives, you can, if necessary, proceed to change the settings of the advertising campaign. 

In order to track the results of targeted advertising, you will need:

  1. Installed Facebook Pixel. 
  2. An account in Google Analytics to track changes in statistics on the site.
  3. Business account for viewing statistics.

Pixel is a web analytics tool that allows you to study the actions of people on the site. For social networking, this tool is also useful: 

  • measures the effectiveness of advertising;
  • allows you to track events that occur on the page;  
  • makes it possible to make sure that the advertisement is seen by the target audience. 
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Pixel web analytics tool

Fig. 12 – Pixel Facebook

The pixel helps segment audiences, creating those that look like the most valuable. 

If you promote a post through the “Promote” button and Storis through the “Promote” button, the advertising possibilities are limited. So, you can’t promote old Storis and those with stickers (quiz, timer, Yes/No poll, etc.). It is better to use the business account Facebook Ads Manager or Ads Center.

Important targeting settings:

  • the targets chosen for the display;
  • the audience selected for advertising;
  • time of display;
  • language and region of display;
  • timing and budget of the advertisement;
  • devices on which it is shown.

It is better to build campaigns according to the principle: one campaign one category. It is better to collect within a group of keys with similar meanings and create them under the relevant ads. Optimally, if the title of the ad coincides with the keyword.

How do you choose a target for a display

  1. There’s the Traffic goal, which will show ads to those users who not only look at the ads, but also willingly click the link. 
  2. In turn, the Message goal is suitable for visitors who are loyal to correspondence and have already received promotional messages – they will get the opportunity to write to messenger. This goal is suitable when you don’t have a website: an order message will be written after viewing the ads on the social network.
  3. There is also a Conversion goal for those who can be retargeted. This includes audiences who haven’t made an order by visiting the site or interacting with social media posts.
Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Campaign Goals

Fig. 13 – Advertising campaign goals

There is a risk of miscalculating the budget for display. But since much depends on factors such as location, niche, seasonality and cost of goods, and the cost of attracting customers is difficult to predict, it is better to make the first month of adjustment test in the area of $300 per month and adjust it already in the process.

Thus, when setting up targeting in Instagram, it is important to gather an audience interested in the product + an audience similar to it in interests, and re-show ads to those who were already on the site and on the Instagram account, but did not make a conversion.

Why there are no conversions on Instagram. Targeting

Fig. 14 – Two types of audience: interacting and by interest

Setting up impressions for those who have already studied the information in the account is effective in terms of generating sales. By reminding the visitor about a product he has already seen, the ad encourages him to make a decision.

6. Let’s summarize

Of course, the situation when there are clicks and no requests is very ambiguous. But launching targeted advertising can’t be a mechanism for attracting a customer to become an instant tool for making a conversion. Rather, it will raise customer awareness of your products or services, show their benefits and offer exactly what can interest the audience. 

To work effectively targeting advertising is necessary:

  • think through a promotional offer that makes you stand out among your competitors, design your site and social network well, check the functionality, and place up-to-date information wherever necessary;
  • check all the other factors that can detract from the visitor’s conversion – to do this, look at what stage of the sales funnel users are having difficulty;
  • properly set up web analytics: work out the relevance of queries, accurately determine the target audience, location, optimize campaign budgets.

Effective advertising in Instagram is a complex and multifaceted process. In order to achieve success, it is necessary to constantly test campaigns. Regularly analyzing the results and correcting mistakes increases the chances of getting impressive results.

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