WhatsApp will make paid correspondence with clients

The source – developers.facebook.com

In the official help WhatsApp Business API on Facebook for Developers, a message appeared that from February 1, 2022 companies will pay WhatsApp not for sent notifications, but for correspondence.

You need to pay for each correspondence session initiated by both the company and the client. The beginning of the session will be considered the moment of delivery of the first message by the company, the end – the same time after 24 hours.

For each correspondence initiated by the Ukrainian client company, she will pay $0.025. If the company initiates the correspondence itself (notifies about the purchase of goods or sends any other template message), then the payment will be even higher and amount to $0.084.

The first 1000 correspondences per month are free. You will not be charged for messages that customers initiate after switching to WhatsApp from Facebook ads.


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