A fresh interview with Anton Voystrikov is out

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A cool interview with Anton Voystrikov, the founder and head of Clicklead, appeared on the YouTube channel "Point G // how people earn in IT". 

How and why did you start working with gambling offers?

– There was a binary. I used binary. At that time it seemed that we wanted to earn, we knew how to work more, and we were offered to pour into options. I went there, I tried it, it seemed that it was possible to withdraw money without any dough, they seemed to buy media, and the theme was OK. 

Is this affiliate profitable now? Let's break it down then, what does it consist of.

– The affiliate consists of a development department. It's quite expensive, big, 70 people. There's development, there's buying, there's affiliate, there's advertising, there's finance, and each of these has its own splits.

Which business is more complicated the arbitrage team or the affiliate team?

– Our current version of partnering is, in one way or another, tied to binging, to information, to development, because we give ready-made solutions. That's basically why we're moving well here. That's why it's so complex. If you take the classic affiliate program, where you don't need technology, this is the easiest business I've seen. The classic affiliate program is the easiest business there is!

Do you accept the risks of this business? The fact that it is?

– It's super marginal, super toxic. I understand how to build a business properly. I have a transparent structure and we work normally inside. There are some minor dullnesses, but inside, let's say, we are good.  Now, for example, the difficulties are outside.  

The interview lasts more than an hour, you can listen to it in full here:


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