Ad Mob Updates To Promote Gaming Apps Released

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Google has announced new tools for promoting games apps:

  1. Strategy "Target return on investment in advertising". The setting will be used in App Campaing for engagement (ACe) campaigns. However, it will become available only when promoting applications for Android. App owners will be able to use it to adjust their rates based on the value that the returning player can bring by taking actions in the game. This will allow ACe ads to maximize profitability. The feature is currently available in closed beta testing.
  2. An Android app tool that will automatically direct existing users to the app loading screen. This frees advertisers from having to embed deep links when launching re-engagement campaigns.
  3. tROAS strategy with in-app ad revenue optimization. It will allow you to generate more ad revenue by attracting players who are more willing to interact with ads in the app. Tested in closed beta.
  4. Eliminate reinstallation. Advertisers will be able to block app ads from being shown to Android users who have previously removed the game. Also tested. With this option, the advertising budget can be spent more efficiently.

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