Released the announcement of the Ads Creative Studio service

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Google announced the launch of Ads Creative Studio. The service includes tools for creating creatives for video, audio and media advertising.

It will be available in beta soon:

  • for Display & Video 360 customers – from the end of July;
  • for some YouTube advertisers – from September;
  • additional functions for most users – in the coming months.

All the tools that were previously used in YouTube, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360, Ads Creative Studio will combine in one service.

So, here are the functions most needed by users:

  1. Data-driven and HTML5 creatives. Required to run custom interactive ads in Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.
  2. Director Mix: You can use it to customize creatives for different audiences by creating multiple versions of YouTube ads with replaceable elements.
  3. Audio Mixer and dynamic audio ads. Allows you to quickly create customized audio ads for Display & Video 360.

Working with audio creatives will be available soon in the Ads Creative Studio project library. It will be possible to use the project library, as well as the entire service, together with colleagues.

In addition, Google will change the creative process for audio, video, and display ads. You will be able to specify which of the elements in the ad should be customized, and adapt the content of each element for the audience. This is expected to speed up and simplify work.


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