A joint Google project was launched in Ukraine

The source – dou.ua

The purpose of the initiative is to record the destruction caused by the Russian occupants in Ukrainian cities and villages. The work is conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with Google experts.

The project started from the liberated city of Irpen. It will be in the public domain for people who want to have objective data about the area and their real estate.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it will be separate for policemen and rescuers. They will be able to use it as an information and reference resource for coordinating their actions and additional fixation of the situation in the region.

It is assumed that the first results of the start of coordinated work can be estimated as early as April 11-17, 2022. Google specialists promise to publish the first panoramic pictures of the destroyed streets and buildings in Irpen.
The deputy minister of Internal Affairs Igor Bondarenko noted: "We want to cover all the cities that experienced the greatest destruction as much as possible, which, of course, should be recorded. This information will be posted on Google Maps and will be available to the public. The whole world should see what our cities looked like before and what the aggressor did to them."


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