Telegram launches official advertising campaign

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Telegram founder Pavel Durov said that soon official advertising messages will appear in Telegram channels for the first time. In addition, he has launched an advertising exchange of the messenger. Messages will be marked as advertising and will be limited to 160 characters.

The rules of the exchange noted: the minimum budget for an advertising campaign in Telegram is €2 million, of which €1 million – a deposit, which burns if the advertiser does not spend €10 million in a year.

The basic principles of how advertising works in the messenger are outlined in Durov's Telegram channel. But users will hardly notice the ads:

  1. Telegram will not show advertising messages in chat lists, private conversations or groups. Only large channels (1,000+ subscribers) will be affected by the ads.
  2. No personal data will be used to show ads. User privacy is paramount for Telegram. The content of advertising messages will depend only on the topics of the channels in which they are displayed.
  3. Official advertisement messages will only allow short text without external links or photos (including links to other Telegram channels or bots). Ads may appear only after all new messages in the channel have been viewed.

The minimum price for 1,000 ad impressions will be €2, but you can only recharge your account from €2 million.

Additional rules come into effect here:

  • out of €2 million, Telegram retains €1 million as a deposit, and provides the remaining amount to the advertiser to spend on ad impressions;
  • If the contract is terminated and the advertiser has spent less than €10 million in advertising during the previous 12 months, Telegram will withhold a deposit of €1,000,000. If the advertiser does spend the required amount, the deposit will be returned;
  • clickbait and unrealistic promises, references to personalities and preferences, gambling, drugs, tobacco and alcohol, weapons, spam, but most importantly, advertising for fast food restaurants or delivery services for such products is completely prohibited on the platform.
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