Google Ads account has conversion goals, integration with Tag Assistant and Interpretations



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There are new options for optimizing and managing conversions:

  1. Conversion Goals, which allow you to specify which specific business goals campaigns should be optimized for. 
  2. Tag Assistant built into Google Ads – allows you to identify problems with conversion actions and detect errors: unchecked conversion actions, inactive tags or no recent conversions. 
  3. Interpretations – should increase the transparency of intelligent bid assignment.

Conversion goals will be a new way to achieve goals at the account and campaign level. To do this, they've combined conversion actions that are grouped based on related categories. 

There are now three types of conversion goals in the account:

  • default goals: added conversion actions are automatically grouped into conversion goals according to category, such as "Purchases," "Contacts," or "Send forms to leads";
  • default goals for the account: the most relevant goals for the business;
  • custom goals (for experienced users): they can be created and added to any combination of main and additional action-conversions.

Tag Assistant is integrated with Google Ads. From now on, advertisers will be able to run a tag check directly in their account and see in real time which action-conversions are properly tracked.

Conversion goals

Interpretations are notifications that explain the reasons for changes in conversion value. Their purpose is to increase the transparency of intelligent bid assignment and make it easier to understand conversion value fluctuations. They are now available in search campaigns with "Maximum Conversion Value" and "Targeted ROI" strategies.



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