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Yandex introduced a new version of search, the feature of which is almost instant search for an answer to a request. The updated version of the search contains more than two thousand improvements that were introduced during the year. New opportunities are associated with the search technologies YATI and YALM.

The coolest updates touched on:

  1. Quick replies

The search is as specific as possible. Y1 was able to quickly select the most accurate and appropriate answer among the rest. This option is shown above the rest of the organic search results and advertising links - first on the search page. There are also completely new categories of quick answers, which are described by extended information requests. For example, [how to find the same title and description].

To increase the chances of hitting, you need to get into a quick response. For this, the site must be of high quality and respond well to a specific request: accurately, truthfully and without water.

  1. Search within a video

Now the search itself starts the video from the moment where the answer to the question begins, if the query is easier to show than to explain in words. To do this, it matches the request with the video itself and with the audio track. Now the search for the desired fragment works for videos with instructions (“How to do something”) and so far only on mobile devices.

To get into this request, the video must contain clear instructions and fall into the category of high-quality DIY video. It is better to transmit data to the search using markup and add a link to the video stream to it.

  1. Review score

To quickly resolve reviews, Yandex's algorithms now analyze reviews themselves and show a summary score for various parameters.

  1. Smart camera

For questions that are difficult to formulate in a search, there is an opportunity to turn to a smart camera. If such a camera sees an item that can be bought on the Internet, it will show its price and a link to the store. This means that you need to add semantic product markup and illustrate all the products of the online store.

Learn more about the new features here.


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