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In Google Ads and Google Ads Editor, you can now massively change the match type for keys with a modifier. This will help simplify the management of your ad campaigns. You need to convert keywords with a modifier to a different type of match.

From the end of July, advertisers will not be able to generate new broad match modifier keys. However, existing keys with a modifier will continue to work.

Google offered tools like this to adapt to this change:

  1. Use the "Remove duplicate keywords" recommendation on the recommendation page. This will highlight duplicate modifier keywords if the keyword is already used in a phrase match in the same ad group.
  2. To make it easier to change the match type for keywords with a modifier, you can use the new bulk edit options in Google Ads and Google Ads Editor. You can learn more about these options in the Google Ads Help Center.
  3. When changing the match type, the keyword with the modifier will be deleted, and a new keyword with the specified match type will be created instead. Even after deleting a key with a modifier, statistics on it can be viewed, but the statistics of a new key with the selected match type will be collected again.

Google recommendations to help experts:

  • track efficiency, and, if necessary, change the budget (in any case, traffic may fluctuate at first);
  • check the recommendation page regularly. The Add New Keywords recommendation can help maintain your keyword reach;
  • use broad match with smart bidding. This will allow you to reach even more relevant search queries without compromising performance.

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