Security enhancements: Google two-factor authentication will become mandatory

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Since the topic of password strength has been very relevant in recent years, Google's management has decided to make Internet security a priority. The company believes that one of the best ways to protect an account from a hacked or incorrect password is to use an additional verification form.

To ensure that the Google account is secured with multiple levels of verification, the company suggests two-step verification (2SV) by default. Using a mobile device to log in gives users a safer and more reliable way to authenticate than using passwords alone.

The company has built security keys directly into Android devices and launched the Google Smart Lock app for iOS, so people can now use their phones as an additional form of authentication.

Built directly into Chrome, Android, and now iOS, the password manager uses the latest security technologies to protect passwords across all sites and apps users use. It's also integrated into Google's one-click security check that tells if any of the passwords have been cracked.

The company recently launched a new password import feature that allows users to easily and free download up to 1000 pieces at a time from various third-party sites to Password Manager.


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