Facebook and Instagram react to blocking #Bucha and #BuchaMassacre hashtags

The source – unn.com.ua 

Meta Platforms' temporary blocking of the hashtags #Bucha and #Bucha Massacre related to the reports of the murder of civilians in the Kiev region occurred automatically "...because of the hard-to-understand content that people were posting with these hashtags."  

This was explained by Meta spokesman Andy Stone, that the blocking occurred because of automated systems that scan violent images. When the problem was reported, the hashtags were quickly unblocked.

For example, Facebook and Instagram allow hard-hitting and violent content to be posted if it is shared to raise awareness of possible human rights abuses. But if it is explicit or extols suffering, such content is removed. In addition, Meta adds warning labels to some posts - that the topic may offend the user. 

Recall that human rights groups have previously criticized the company's approach to removing violent content during conflicts. According to their statements, the practice of purging data from servers after 90 days leads to the deletion of important evidence of war crimes. 


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