Creating Instagram Reels Easier: Templates, Stickers and More New Features

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Today Instagram rolling out new features, that help express brand's creativity and engage with your audience on Reels.

1. Get started with Templates

Templates allow you to borrow the structure of another reel and use it as a starting point. Templates pre-load the audio and clip placeholders, so all you have to do is add and trim your business’ clips. 

2. Interactive Stickers

Polls, quizzes, the emoji sliders are now available on Reels, offering more opportunities to interact with your community. Experiment with various stickers in Reels to keep viewers engaged and interested in your reel. 

3. Sharing between 15 to 90 seconds of content in a reel

Now you'll have more time to show off your products in action. You can add Sound Effects and use Audio Import to add your own existing audio.

4. Takes & Delete

When you’re capturing with the Reels Camera, you can press the redo button to either delete the clip you just recorded or record an alternate take. Then, when you’re editing, you can toggle between takes and pick your favorite moments to assemble a Reel that captures your creative vision.


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