Bing’s “Russian Invasion of Ukraine” search results show two timelines and Opinions section

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The results of the Microsoft Bing search for queries related to the conflict in Ukraine show the "Opinions" section and two timelines, one in the main column, the other in the knowledge panel.

Bing began highlighting types of outcomes, such as media comments on current events from freelance writers, in a separate Opinions section. Thus, for the query [Ukraine Russia], it contained 6 results from various media. If the selected image is not available, Bing will show a preview of the article.

Opinions section

For related queries, Bing shows a horizontal timeline that appears in the main column of search results and a vertically oriented timeline in the knowledge bar, ie in the right pane of the search results. The chronology includes all previous events since the Independence Day of Ukraine. The horizontal timeline in the main column shows only the events from February 9, 2022 to March 5, 2022. The timeline of the main column contains references to sources, and the timeline of the knowledge panel does not have them.


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