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Google is announcing new reporting features in GA4. The purpose of these updates is to help advertisers gain access to more of the data they need faster.

For example, the Analytics interface is coming soon. A new navigation bar will appear on the left. It was designed to make it easy for users to quickly and intuitively navigate to different reports. Each section is designed to support different use cases, and these sections will be referred to as "Workspaces". They can be grouped, which will speed up the preparation of reports and the search for the necessary information.

This will provide a deeper insight into campaign performance using automatically generated statistics.

In addition, a new set of report customization options will also be added. In the workspace, administrators will be able to:

  • customize the Analytics interface and reports meeting the specific needs of your teams.
  • make changes to existing reports or create new ones;
  • customize the navigation bar on the left to group reports;
  • create dashboards with the necessary information.

This will reduce the time spent on preparing reports and finding the information you need.

Also, data-driven attribution will be available for all Google Analytics 4 assets. It will help you understand how each touchpoint contributes to your marketing funnel. Enhanced conversion modeling capabilities for reports. There will also be two new reports: Conversion Paths and Model Comparisons.

  1. The conversion path report will be similar to the one already familiar to users from Universal Analytics. It will track the full customer journey across multiple channels and will include conversion visualization by assigning points to touchpoints at each stage before the desired action is taken. This will help marketers understand ROI across these channels.
  1. The Model Comparison report allows you to compare different attribution models to see the impact on different channels. It will allow you to measure the performance of a campaign using different attribution models and understand how each of them values ​​marketing channels. This will make it clear which model best suits your business needs.

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