Buyers will send notifications to retailers via Google Shopping

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Google will launch a pilot program for sharing messages. Now it is being tested. The program allows users to send messages to the support service email address listed on their Google Merchant Center account. 

Google employees requested a small group of sellers for the test by email.

In the list of products, customers will see the "Store Notifications" button. By clicking on them, they will open a new tab with a messaging interface that can be accessed by the customer. The seller will send the response by email, which is linked to the client's Google account.

What you get 

If potential customers will have the ability to connect with retailers through Google Shopping, it will: 

  • increase the value of the platform for both merchants and customers; 
  • make the Google Merchant Center as a platform for shopping, because it will attract a greater number of shoppers and retailers; 
  • help it compete with the big marketplace platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and others.

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