Instagram updates: new features

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  1. Surveys in group chats. With the new update, polls function should appear in group chats in Direct. 
  1. Stories on Instagram will be able to respond with a response using voice messages. The developers have borrowed this feature from Snapchat. 
  1. Instagram is testing Community Stories. Apparently, this feature implies the possibility of creating free groups on Instagram.
Instagram new features 1
  1. Instagram launched a sticker Scheduled. It can be used to add reminders of upcoming events to the storizas. 
  1. The social network will give an opportunity to show the content to certain categories of users – including only for paid subscribers.
  1. Instagram is testing the addition of music to the status and comments of posts.
Instagram new features 2
  1. Live broadcasts will get additional coverage with the "Live Recommendations" feature. Recommendations will offer broadcasts of those you're not subscribed to, and you'll be able to watch them by flipping through them, like a storizo.
  1. Instagram will show you ads of your competitors. Some business accounts have a new function: competitors' creatives appear directly in the feed. The algorithm shows them with the notation "Look at the advertising others are growing by.
Instagram new features 3
  1. The social network introduces a special function for drivers. To prevent them from looking at Instagram while driving, the app will display a warning that they should not do so while driving. The system will recognize that the user is driving in the car by analyzing information on the geolocation of the phone.
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