A new way to buy premium video views on Twitter

The source – business.twitter.com 

Advertisers now have more ways to maximize their Twitter video campaigns. The social network has introduced a "15-second (15s) view" buying model that prioritizes engaged, long-term views of their content. This new betting unit is designed to provide 15-second or completed views, whichever comes first. Initial testing showed that advertisers who used the 15s view bid unit received an average of +89% more completed views at a 25% lower cost per view. Ads will be charged on a CPM basis.

In addition, Twitter is also adding some new reporting metrics to Twitter Ads Manager:

  1. Cost of 15s video views: total cost divided by the number of views that reach at least 15 seconds.
  2. 15s video views: these ad views only count if your video is watched for either 15 seconds or 95% of the total duration.
  3. 15s video views ratio: ratio is calculated by dividing 15s video views by displays. 

Twitter reports that 15-second view rate units will now also be the new default rate for all campaigns within the Video Views goal. This option will soon be available for Pre-roll Views campaigns as well.


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