Google’s new approach to headlines leads to loss of traffic

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The loss of traffic from Google has outraged webmasters from the United States. In their opinion, the reason for the drop in traffic is related to the new approach to the formation of the titles of search snippets. 

Ever since Google started substituting Title for H1 and H2 title tags to be shown in the output for 20% of search results, the problems began. 

The problems reported by search engine marketing experts and business owners have been:

  • a decrease of more than 60k clicks to the site from the output in a week with no loss of site position;
  • incorrect capitalization when rewriting headlines; 
  • Google's rewritten headline for the site and added location that does not match reality;
  • title problems in search snippets for health care sites. In some cases, Google has inappropriately added the word "vaccination" to the title of disease pages – even though the pages don't say anything about vaccines. 

Thus, Google launched an update with headlines without doing thorough testing. This led to a lot of errors.

However, Google employees have created a separate branch in the Search Console Help Center for examples of bad headlines, which the search engine algorithms created for search snippets instead of Title tag. In this branch, Google asks for:

  • The URL of the page; 
  • title, which is shown in the search snippet; 
  • device type. 

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