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The Facebook team announced several updates related to small business support and the start of the selling season, as well as news related to ad launches.

  1. Facebook will be able now to track conversions made by iOS 14+ users brought to third-party sites by an advertiser. Advertisers will also be able to optimize app ads for conversions. Measurement based on aggregated event data (AEM) will take into account conversions a user has made on top-level domains or the third-party sites. 
  2. Facebook also announced App AEM, an aggregate event-based measurement for app owners. Through this protocol, the system will be able to retrieve data about events in apps. Advertisers will be able to optimize app campaigns for value or conversions: the system will be able to determine which user is more likely to take a targeted action. Initially, App AEM will be available to advertisers who promote apps through the Facebook directory.
  3. For campaigns that promote iOS 14+ mobile apps based on data from SKAdNetwork: Attribution will take into account displays that do not immediately result in an event-conversion, and the limit on the number of ad accounts for one app will increase to nine. Attribution accounting for delayed conversions from displays in reports will allow advertisers to get more detailed data on the user's path to conversion.
  4. News will also affect owners of multiple advertising accounts that promote a mobile app. It will now be possible to run up to nine campaigns from nine accounts from a single app.
  5. Facebook will show a message about the benefits of personalized advertising to users who have responded positively to a small business ad. When a user gives a like or love response to the ad, the message below the ad will appear from Facebook that will tell about the benefits of personalized advertising for small businesses and users. A call to action button will appear at the bottom of the post.
  6. It will be easier to create ads in Facebook Business Suite, on the business page and in Ads Manager. Facebook Business Suite will have the ability to create ads only for Instagram on PCs. Advertisers will also get new analytics to help measure ad effectiveness, recommendations for targeting and optimizing campaigns and simplified access to guides on Blueprint and Help. For ads run from a business page, Facebook combines 11 goals into three: automated ads, ad creation, and promotion of an existing publication. The ad creation process in Ads Manager is simplified to align campaign goals with traditional marketing goals: brand awareness, site traffic, leads and sales.

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