Facebook News: Instagram Ads Auto-Optimization and Facebook Ads Action History Rules

The source – facebook.com

Facebook introduced updates for Instagram Stories ads. While they are not available to everyone. The system will now automatically optimize ads and show people creative that might interest them.

Among the Facebook Ads Manager updates:

  • converting your ad using story templates;
  • cropping images to a size of 9:16;
  • transferring a long text to a separate story.

Instagram can automatically change your ad using templates designed for vertical full-screen images – the system will determine which templates are more suitable for a particular ad and will be most interesting to the audience. And then it will automatically optimize the ad.

Advertisers can view all available templates and choose which ones to use in their campaign by clicking View more variations. However, if you have images with an aspect ratio of 9:16, you do not need to use ready-made templates for stories. When a creative is loaded, Instagram's algorithms will determine if the image can be cropped to the desired aspect ratio without affecting the ad.

Also, Instagram will be able to transfer the text overlaid on the image to a separate story if its length exceeds 100 characters.

As for the history of Facebook Ads actions, automated rules have started to appear there. The update will allow the advertiser to understand which automated rules have made changes to campaigns, ad groups, and ads. You must select at least one of them and click on the "Show history" icon in the menu on the right, similar to a clock. The table displays all changes made to the selected campaigns, ad groups and ads.


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