New warning system for violations of Google Ads policy

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Updates to the Policy Violation Alert System will be applied to advertisers who regularly fail to comply.

The algorithm of its work will henceforth be as follows:

  1. After the first violation of the rules, the advertiser will receive a standard notification and their ads will be removed.
  1. After a repeated violation within 90 days, the advertiser will be sent the first warning. His account will be blocked for three days without showing ads.
  1. If a third violation of the same rule occurs within 90 days from the first violation, the account will be blocked for seven days.
  1. After the fourth violation of the same rule within 90 days after the second violation, the account will be permanently blocked.

In each such event, the advertiser will receive an email informing the advertiser of the violation. If he decides that the warning was received in error, he can appeal. If it is successfully reviewed, ad serving will resume immediately.

After the first or second warning, the advertiser is obliged to correct the violations and confirm this in writing in order to resume displaying ads. The alerts will expire after 90 days, and if there are no other violations in the account, the system will resume a good reputation.

From September 21, 2021, warnings will begin to arrive for:

  • complicity in bad faith;
  • advertising of prohibited substances, firearms, parts for them and related products, explosives, other types of weapons;
  • advertising of tobacco.

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