LinkedIn unveils event ads and boost posts

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On Tuesday LinkedIn unveiled event advertisements and the ability to "elevate" regular posts on brand pages. The platform also announced the integration of Custom Streaming and Mobile Page Analytics.

Promoted posts. Brands can now increase the reach of their post right from their LinkedIn Page. This feature, known as "Boost", creates a campaign in the ad account associated with your page.

Image 1 on LinkedIn News presents event advertisements and boost posts

To promote a post, click the Boost button above the post you want to promote. Then select:

  • purpose for your message (website visits, publication awareness, event awareness, participation in a publication or video views);
  • the audience type for your rich post (profile-based, interest-based, or LinkedIn audience template)
  • the language and location of your audience;
  • additional targeting criteria (or exclude them).

Then set a daily budget and schedule your posting.

Messages can be picked up only once and with only one image. Posts containing a survey, document, job posting, or Pulse article are not currently eligible for promotion.

Announcements of events. This new ad format appears in the LinkedIn feed and highlights the important details of the event: date, time, and registration method. If the user's contacts have expressed interest in participating, this will also be shown.

Image 2 of the LinkedIn news feed features event advertisements and boost posts

LinkedIn is also launching an event analytics tool. It provides event organizers with metrics such as visitor engagement with your posts at the event, total attendees, unique event attendance, attendee key roles, and peak viewership of a live broadcast.

Along with the latest ad products, LinkedIn also announced two features to improve the platform's usability: Custom Streaming and Mobile Page Analytics.

Customizable streaming allows users to stream live from LinkedIn Live through Zoom, WebEx and OBS, with integrations for Microsoft Teams planned in the coming months.

Mobile Page Analytics transfers data from LinkedIn Page Analytics to the platform's mobile app, allowing users to see visitor and subscriber metrics and content information.


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