Weblium Website Designer supports the creation of websites to help Ukraine

The source – ua.weblium.com

Website designer Weblium provides free access to the platform to anyone who creates:

  • refugee support platforms;
  • platforms to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • sites that will help fight the aggressor on the information front.

To access the free site for a year, you need to write to the support chat on the Weblium site. After that, you can make your own website without the help of programmers or designers.

Here are just a few examples of sites that work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces:

  1. UAhelpinfo is a website that contains information for refugees on housing, transport, medical and legal issues. By clicking on any country, you can get the necessary data. And if you want to offer your help, there is an opportunity to tell about it in the Telegram.
  2. Fund of Free and Caring is an english-language fundraising site. The foundation provides assistance with travel and employment for women and children abroad. Another activity of the fund is food. In just 21 days of war, they fed more than 15,000 refugees, volunteers and our defenders. You can donate and help the fund through their website.
  3. I support Ukraine – site of support of Ukraine. Activists from Mariupol are helping to evacuate people from a city on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe. At the same time, a group of volunteers organized clothing stores, as well as assists with the legalization of procurement from abroad. You can find details for help on the website.
  4. The Principle of Consciousness is a website of a public organization of the same name that helps Ukrainians in several ways:
  • engaged in the evacuation of civilians and the delivery of humanitarian aid;
  • provide physical and mental therapy for victims;
  • help migrants with food, shelter and clothing.

NGOs can be supported by making a one-time donation or subscribing to a monthly donation.

All Weblium employees work to ensure the continuous operation of each site created on the site builder. Even the war will not stop work, because all the infrastructure is on Google Cloud servers outside Ukraine.

Weblium Website Designer supports the creation of websites to help Ukraine

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