Google Marketing Livestream Conference 2021: What’s New

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At the Google Marketing Livestream conference, speakers talked about industry trends and recent product updates. In addition, we shared our recommendations. Here are the most useful ones:

1. Advertisers can test Performance Max campaigns. To do this, you need to contact a Google account specialist or fill out the application form. These campaigns will soon be available to thousands of advertisers, including those looking to increase online sales without using the Google Merchant Center product feed (for example, in industries such as entertainment, technology, and fitness).

2. Get more insight into search trends on the stats page and improve the performance of your campaigns in the coming months when Google introduces the next version of the Insights section. The statistics will include three new types of data: demand forecast for the next 90 days, consumer interest categories, and audience statistics.

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3. You can now make your ads on the search network more attractive and interesting with the help of the "Images" extension. The ability to add images to ads is now available to advertisers in all countries.

4. With ad modifiers, you can create multiple personalized and relevant responsive search ads at once. This feature is also now available to advertisers from any country.

5. Email Lists, Customer Match, will allow you to attract customers: they allow you to display personalized ads without violating user privacy. The feature is available to almost all advertisers, since the ad system has canceled the cost condition.

6. The “Target ROI” bidding strategy is now available to all advertisers using Video Action campaigns. And in the coming months, this strategy can be used for Discovery ads.

7. You can get more accurate data in attribution reports. In addition to touchpoints in Search and Shopping campaigns, all attribution models, including data-driven attribution, will include touchpoints on Display Networks and YouTube. In addition, Google plans to integrate in-app conversions associated with these touchpoints.

8. To set up accurate tracking of all conversions, you need to add advanced conversion tracking. This will allow you to receive complete performance data without compromising user privacy, even if the number of available cookies decreases.

9. Checking your personalized feed will be easy in the Google Ads app. In the next few months, there will be useful information and educational content tailored for the advertiser's business. In addition, it will be possible to view speeches from the Google Marketing Livestream conference in the Google Ads application.

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10. For tourism entrepreneurs, the hotel advertising extensions will be updated. Accommodation information has been added to the hotel search results page. We've also improved the Commission (Accommodation) bidding strategy to make it easier to find customers.

11. New ad formats and bid adjustments. Local campaigns will also provide access to new ad formats on Google Maps. Local inventory ads can now indicate that the item is available for pickup today, and beta is running for the Pick Up Later feature.

12. In Video action campaigns, you can connect the Google Merchant Center feed. This will also become available for Discovery ads in the coming months.

13. New OCI tool for importing offline conversions to customize their import. This will allow you to optimize your campaigns to attract more interested potential customers. The assistant helps automate project management and provides detailed instructions.

14. The reach planner with video ad data will be available in other countries in the next few months. While he works in Vietnam, USA, France and Japan. The tool helps you predict the reach and frequency of your campaign on TV, YouTube, and Google partner video resources. They help increase reach by combining skippable and non-skippable six-second splash ads.

15. Ads based on feeds from App campaigns will now appear on YouTube. The latter began working last summer, and at first such ads were shown on the CCM.

Video recordings of Google Marketing Livestream reports can be viewed after registering on the Google website where the conference was held.


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