Changes to the Google Partners program

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At the beginning of the year, the company announced that it will change the structure of the Google Partners program, as well as the requirements and benefits. The changes will help support Google Partners and their customers.

The new Google Partners program will begin in February 2022. As part of these changes, a new Partner badge will be launched in June 2021 for those who already meet the new requirements. However, you can use the existing icon and current benefits before launching a fresh version of the program.

In February 2022, the most successful Partners in each country will receive a new Lead Partner badge. To become one of them, you must:

  1. Meet the new requirements of the program. They are divided into three categories: "Efficiency", "Cost" and "Certification". Compliance with these requirements is checked daily.

So, in the Google Ads manager account registered in the Google Partners program, the optimization rate must be at least 70%. In addition, this account must meet ad spend of at least $ 10,000 in all managed accounts for 90 days. And according to the third parameter, the company must have at least one certification for each product in which funds are spent on campaigns, and at least 50% of strategic planners must be certified on Google Ads.

  1. Be in the top 3% of Partners in your country. The ranking is determined by taking into account a number of factors, in particular, such as the total expenses in managed accounts for the year, customer development and retention, and product diversification. Before the launch of the new program, Partners will receive an email about their place in this ranking.

For more information on preparing for the new program, visit the new portal for advice and helpful resources.


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