The interface of the desktop version of Google News has changed

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On June 22, the oldest news aggregator Google News celebrated its 20th anniversary. In honor of this date, Google has launched an updated version of the Google News interface on computers, which users can customize according to their information needs.

The new type of interface was developed taking into account the feedback of users of the news aggregator.

It facilitates access to key news by presenting headlines and local news, as well as personalized selections at the top of the page. Users also have the ability to add additional items to the local news section using a filter, so as not to miss information from local sources of interest.

The interface of the desktop version of Google News has changed

Even in the interface there are customizable themes, they allow you to easily scroll through the materials and go to the most interesting stories. You can add, delete or rearrange them at your discretion by simply clicking on the blue settings button in the upper right corner of the "Your Topics" section.

To help users objectively evaluate the information they receive, Google is expanding the "Fact Verification" feature in the updated Google News interface, providing access to a more complete context. You can now go to sources with verified facts and estimates from independent organizations using the "View from different sides" button.

On the day of its 20th anniversary, after a break of almost 8 years, the Google News service started working again in Spain. This was made possible by the Royal Decree-Law on the Implementation of the EU Copyright Directive, which was adopted last November. The directive allows news platforms to negotiate with content providers directly.

Note that Google News is available in more than 125 countries and 40 languages.


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