Google has launched a new report on the Page Experience “Pages work”

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Google has added a new Page Experience report to Search Console. Within its framework, the usability of the site is analyzed at the level of individual URLs. This analysis is now being done in the context of mobile browsers.

The report is already available in the Google Search Console panels under Quality. It shows the percentage of pages that meet all the conditions for the quality of interaction. Combines existing Core Web Vitals with other page experience options such as:

  • convenience for mobile devices;
  • using the HTTPS protocol. Only pages that support the HTTPS protocol can get the "Good" status in the "Page Activity" report. This criterion does not affect the status of the URL;
  • implementation of advertising - if it is too intrusive, it affects the position of all pages of the site in the Search. The ad implementation score in the report refers to the entire site, not individual URLs;
  • security concerns.

In addition to launching the Page Performance report, Google has also updated the Search Performance report. It can filter pages with good Page Experience, which will help you track and compare with other pages on the same site.


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