Google is replacing FLoC with Topics

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FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), Google's controversial project to replace interest-based advertising cookies by grouping users by similar interests, is a thing of the past. Instead, Google announced Topics today.

Their idea is that your browser will learn about your interests as you surf the Web, and store data for the last three weeks of your browsing history.


For now, Google limits the number of topics to 300 and plans to increase that number over time. But it is noted that these topics will not include personal information such as gender or race.

To find out your interests, Google categorizes the sites you visit by one of these 300 topics. For sites that have not previously been classified, a theme will be suggested based on the domain name.

Introducing Topics

Google notes that this also gives users much more control and transparency than what is currently the standard. Users will be able to view and remove topics from their lists, as well as completely disable the Topics API.

To kick-start the process, Google also published a technical clarification today that goes into more detail about the proposal.


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