Google accelerates data collection for Brand Lift

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Google's Brand Lift research is accelerated with Accelerated Flights, which is automatically applied to all campaigns created on and after March 24, 2021.

Advertisers can now restart the Brand Lift survey for the same campaigns 14 days after completing the first survey. This is due to the Re-Measurement option. Accelerated Brand Lift and Re-Measurement analysis is now used for all research on Google Ads campaigns.
So, now it lasts for several days, depending on the coverage - instead of four weeks.

The Re-Measurement tool lets you rerun a completed Brand Lift study for the same campaign. This makes it possible to assess its performance for later periods. It can be used if Accelerated Brand Lift is running in your Google Ads account or if you have completed the Accelerated Brand Lift study.

Restarting the Brand Lift research comes in handy:

  • after changing creatives, targeting;
  • if it is necessary to periodically conduct research;
  • to get additional data after the research has already been done.

The time it takes for advertisers to spend budget to launch Brand Lift has increased to 10 days. Previously, the term was 7 days. Other budget requirements have not changed.

If an advertiser spends the required amount in less than 10 days, they will receive the research results as soon as they have enough answers, according to the Google Ads Help Center.


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