Google introduced the seventh version of the Google Ads API

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Google has released the seventh version of the Google Ads API. There are new resources here, the ability to manage your bidding strategy, and Apple's SKAdNetwork reports are now supported, according to a developer blog.

Major changes in Google Ads API v7:

  1. New assets became available in test accounts: callout assets, structured snippet assets, and site links assets.
  2. Promotions have started showing up in live and test accounts.
  3. Reporting support for SKAdNetwork. This feature allows advertisers to know the number and value of SKAdNetwork conversions they receive from iOS apps.
  4. The Keyword Planner has begun to support key refinement using product settings, a custom date range for searches, and query aggregated data for generated keywords and keys from a list of keywords.
  5. Added new labels to simplify filtering and selection: ad_group_ad_label and ad_group_criterion_label.
  6. Now you can manage simulators for bidding strategies.
  7. Updated resource exceeded error notifications.
  8. A recommendation has been made to adjust the budget for ROI. A recommendation is shown if the system predicts that a budget adjustment will help increase your ROI.

You will need to update your client libraries and code to use the v7 features. They will be published in the week of May 3-9.
Read more about the changes in the Google Ads API developer notes.


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