Google has shared plans to move to a single application “Drive”

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Google plans to migrate users of its file sync service to a new unified application that can be used by both consumers and business customers. It's called Drive for desktop.

Google plans to begin migrating users to the renamed version of its corporate file sync software next week, July 19, 2021. The company is urging people who have used backup and sync to sort out the files by the end of September before they are locked on October 1st.

According to Google, the goal of application consolidation is to create a "powerful and unified sync client" with better features for both consumer and enterprise services that should be easier to use and manage for IT teams.

According to a Google blog post, the app should be clear to anyone who has used previous Google services. Drive provides easy access to files and photos stored in the cloud, and syncs any files you choose in the background to keep them up to date.


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