Google will start flagging frequently cited search results

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Google has prepared the launch of several new features in the search. This is regarded as helping users to evaluate incoming information.

In particular, the algorithm will start adding a new "highly cited" label to those search results that are the primary source for other publications. He will appear in Top Stories.

The feature will soon launch in the US on mobile devices, for now only in English.

The new shortcut will appear at:

  • news preview;
  • interview;
  • announcements and press releases.

Perhaps the highly cited label will draw users' attention to the primary source containing important context, which may be missed in subsequent publications.

Google will also expand the functionality of notifications that there are no reliable results for a query. It was launched last summer. The label “rapidly evolving topics” will mark news that is created and published in real time. It will indicate that the results are changing too quickly and it may take time for a new topic to appear in the search results from reliable sources.

When searching in English in the United States, these notices will also include tips to help users critically evaluate and then return to the information.


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