Google Play will ban applications with call recording function

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Google Play policy has been updated to include new rules. They will be made in Accessibility API from May 11. One of them involves prohibiting third-party app developers from adding call recording features using this API.

The Google Play Console's developer program rules state that the Accessibility API is not intended for remote call recording and cannot be requested for this purpose.

Google employees explained that this change would only affect third-party apps that specifically used the Accessibility API. 

In the branded Google Phone app it will remain, although in some countries due to regional bans the function does not work. It will also continue to be available in third-party shells such as MIUI and ColorOS:

"If the app is the default dialer and preloaded, the ability to access [the feature] is not required to access the incoming audio stream and therefore is not a violation. Because this is a clarification to existing policy, the new wording will apply to all apps as of May 11."

Third-party call recording apps were previously very popular on Google Play, since Android 10 Google completely disabled call recording by default. 


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