Google News will direct users directly to publisher sites

An update coming soon to the Google News app will send users directly to publishers' own web pages rather than AMP pages.

It was launched in June with no mention of expanded web content support in Google News. Apparently, the update wasn't ready at the time.

Google warns email news publishers that the update will be available in a few weeks:

"As part of the [Page Experience] update in the coming weeks, the Google News app will improve its web content support, displaying both AMP and non-AMP web content from sites around the world more regularly. No action will be required of you to activate it."

Previously, the use of AMP was a prerequisite for inclusion in Google News. Many publishers have been against AMP since it was introduced, as it was paid for by giving up control of resources on the page. As a result, many publishers were left out of Google News, who might have wanted to get in if not for the AMP requirement.

If your publication is not included in Google News and you intentionally refrained from participating in them in protest of AMP, you will have to get your content included.

Unlike Google Search, which autonomously crawls and indexes as much web content as it can find, Google News does not search for content for its index. Publishers must manually apply and meet a number of criteria in order for their articles to appear in Google News.

All changes are expected to go into effect in early November.


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