Google reminds you to stop supporting expanded text ads

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The Google team reminded that after June 30, it will not be possible to create and edit expanded text ads. Adaptive search ads will be the only type of search ads you can create or edit in standard search campaigns. However, valid text ads will remain and continue to appear in performance reports.

What Google recommends for advertisers:

  1. Use the most effective expanded text ads as a basis and monitor the quality of your ads. Advertisers who managed to increase the quality of their ads from low to excellent received an average of 9% more clicks and conversions.
  2. Check the Recommendations in your account. They help you quickly add or improve customizable search ads.
  3. Pin titles and descriptions to specific positions in customizable search ads. This is useful if you want to always show certain information.
  4. Use ad variations. This allows you to test different versions of objects and analyze their effectiveness in different campaigns.
  5. Evaluate your ad performance by the number of additional impressions, clicks, and conversions at the ad group and campaign level. Adaptive search ads allow you to participate in more auctions, so ad-level metrics such as CTR and conversion rate may not give a complete picture of your performance.

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