Google may remove content that violates copyright laws

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In the new issue of Google Search Central, Aurora Morales spoke about the reaction to copyright infringement notices.

So, there are three important things to remember:

  1. The fact that when distributing content, the identity of the copyright holder is indicated does not make its use legal or permitted.
  2. There are exceptions to these cases where it is possible to use copyrighted work without obtaining permission. Certain unauthorized uses of content are considered "fair use" or "fair deal" under the law. Example: using content for purposes such as criticism, commentary, news coverage, teaching or research.
  3. Only copyright holders or their authorized representatives can file a notice of copyright infringement. While others may not know if someone has permission to use this material, Google will always try to avoid removing legitimate content and rely on reliable information.

If you are submitting a copyright infringement notice to Google, you must check the box in the statement confirming your rights to the content.

Google does not mediate copyright disputes over certain material. Upon receipt of a complete and substantiated notice of copyright infringement, Google will remove the material contained therein as required by law. If Google receives a reasonable counter-notification, it will be passed on to the person requesting the removal of the content. If even then the problem is still not resolved, the conflicting parties can resolve this issue in court.


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