Google announced an updated version of PageSpeed Insights

The source – 

Among the major changes announced are:

  • a new subsection for Core Web Vitals assessments;
  • a clearer distinction between lab and field data;  
  • additional useful information 

and other improvements.

What the redesign was for:

  1. Distinguish between interface data derived from an artificial environment ("simulated page loading") and actual data based on real user behavior ("observational data").
  2. Understand how the overall Core Web Vitals score is formed in the UI.
  3. Making the appearance of the tool more modern by using Material Design.
  4. The new UI will be launched later this year.

Core Web Vitals evaluation

There will be a new subsection in the UI to understand whether a URL "meets" or "does not meet" the Core Web Vitals requirements in the field data section. The Core Web Vitals evaluation process itself will not change. With sufficient data, the FID, LCP, and CLS scores can be summarized at both the page and source level.

Distinguishing between lab and field data

The user interface has been modified to clearly separate field data from lab data. The "Observational Data" and "Page Load Simulation" labels have been replaced with text that says what they will help with. The "Observational Data" section has been moved to the top. 

Shortcuts for mobile and desktop reporting

The developers have updated the navigation menu at the top of the interface: the links "For mobile" and "For desktops" are moved to the center and are more visible, and users will be clearer what type of devices the report is shown for.

Origin Summary section has been moved to the new tab "Origin" in the section with field data.

A new section with more detailed information about the sampled data is available at the bottom of the cards. This information is intended to reinforce the distinction between lab and field data and help those users who previously didn't know how the two data sources might differ.

Expanded View and Page Image

The new "Expand view" feature allows you to see more detailed information on Core Web Vitals metrics. The uploaded page image that used to appear to the right of the surveillance data has been removed. It is now available along with the page preview in the lab data section ("Simulate page load").

All information can be found in more detail in the documentation.


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