Google Analytics 4: New Metrics for Analyzing Visitors and Revenue

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Several useful metrics have been added to the Analysis section in Google Analytics 4. They are usually used for game analysis, but they are also applicable to other applications or sites.

The metrics that are added are a combination of user and revenue metrics. For example, this includes users who have made at least one purchase in the last 7, 30, or 90 days, and let's say the average income from purchases of all visitors with a certain average check.

In addition, Google Analytics will begin measuring user interaction time with applications for more efficient event logging. This parameter is for auto-collected events, it will allow you to log them more correctly and ultimately reduce the number of dedicated user_engagement events sent by the SDK.

Google has previously announced this change. It is known not to affect GA4 interface features such as reporting or analysis. But analysts who use BigQuery will need to change BigQuery queries related to user engagement. You can read more about this in the Russian-language Help.


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