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In March Facebook presented a new series of video interviews called "SMM-Skills". The series consists of seven short video clips recorded by managers of successful companies. Colleagues are ready to share their best practices in order to improve the effectiveness of social networks – to increase the response of the audience and increase its engagement.

Each video includes information on using Facebook advertising tools to promote brands. And there are some great life hacks – even those who are well versed in the subject will surely find something useful for themselves.

4 videos have already been released, highlighting topical issues. So, in the first episode, the founder and CEO of the spice brand Diaspora Co. Sana Javeri Qadri outlined three tips:

  1. Photos and brand aesthetics are worth the effort.
  2. Let your audience inform your content – it's easier to understand what the audience wants by asking questions in the comments on posts.
  3. It is worth linking social media posts to Facebook and Instagram stores. Linking your content story to your products can help improve customer engagement.

In the second video, the interview is given by Lorisa Macmillan, head of social services at Unbothered. She thinks that:

  1. UGC (User Content Crowdsourcing) is very important as a communication building tool. A small business owner only has to comment on a photo from Instagram, and the company is ready to post it in their feed. This can be a great way to strengthen your brand online.
  2. Having clear parameters for how branded posts should look can play a big role in establishing brand awareness and identity.
  3. It is convenient to manage your content using Facebook Creator Studio. McMillan praises the analytics and planning capabilities of the service.

The third video in the series includes effective marketing tips from Jolene Sim, director of MOB, a digital marketing agency. Key Sim Tips:

  1. Buy ads that align with your business goals. Make sure you mean the end result for each campaign.
  2. Messenger ads can be a great way to connect with customers personally, and can often include automated elements to reduce response burden.
  3. Brands should consider Facebook dynamic ads, which automatically show the right products to people who show interest in your brand.

The fourth video in this series lays out key tips on how to learn from your audience and tailor your SMM approach accordingly from the Persol team.

1. Organic and paid content balance each other to maximize reach and growth. Aiming to maximize audience engagement is to start with organic products and then use paid publishing to amplify strong content, showcase your product, and ultimately reach new audiences.

2. Understanding your brand's audience is also key, which extends to the use of user generated content in your approach. This can help strengthen brand bonds, which is critical to maximizing your messaging engagement. Each platform requires a different approach.

3. Listen to your audience. Of course, brands should listen to what their customers are saying and take their opinions into account. Persol strives to actively engage with customers to maximize community engagement and learn more about their preferences. This is the convenience of social networks – no need to wait for people to come and tell their stories, you can ask them.

You can follow the continuation of the series of video interviews on the Facebook page.


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